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Dean Harrington


Quiz Face

Hello there!

When quizzers ask me how Quiz Face came to be I always like to misquote Shakespeare"Some are born quizzie, some achieve quizziness, and some have quizziness thrust upon them". At a young age I knew I was born to host quizzes, but not just any quiz.....A TRIVIA EXTRAVAGANZA!


Have you ever heard David Attenborough being interrupted by an untimely fog horn?

Have you ever heard hip hop songs sung in the style of The Smiths LIVE?

Have you ever played a game of celeb fez who?

If you have answered NO to all of these questions then read on! 

Quiz Face does more than ask questions! With picture rounds that would make a Mona Lisa a Smiler Lisa and audio rounds sooo good you'll want to add them to your Spotify playlist! Here's another question for ya......ever wanted to turn your boss/partner/friend/father in law into a MAJESTIC UNICORN?! Well with our practical round you can do just that! And by the way we at Quiz Face don't just stop at one practical round, there are multiple practical rounds.

Quiz Face's main goal is to make the boring and blah "standard" quiz into a brilliant and bedazzling juggernaut of fun! But also for our losers to have as much fun as our winners!

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